Today, February 7, 2019, is my ten year wedding anniversary! HOW. Between the two of us there have been a lot of ups and downs over the years. Because I probably can’t sum it up much better, here’s the blurb I have on our anniversary Facebook post today:

Been married to this guy for a decade. Unbelievable highs, devastating lows, 3 pregnancies, 2 kids, 1 weagle, 2 seizures, 1 emergency surgery, 1 burst ear drum, 2 houses, 1 career change, 1 MBA, lots of travel, he’s too easy going, I’m too uptight, he’s technical, I’m creative, he loves video games, I love to work out, he’s PC, I’m Mac. Somehow this thing is still rolling! Happy 10 years.

I thought about bringing out said “weagle” for this family photo shoot, but he’s a little too crazy for the park! Next time we’ll get this done earlier in a warmer temperature, family, I promise! 

Ten Year Wedding Anniversary Ten Year Wedding Anniversary with balloons Ten Year anniversary photo shoot

Happy Ten Year Wedding Anniversary to us!

A big thank you to my friend Jenni Jones for coming out in the freezing cold to take these! Thank you to my children for standing in the freezing cold with me and still managing to smile and have fun. Thank you to my husband for never blinking when I send a text to go get giant balloons while I secure biodegradable confetti. Side note: helium is hard to find right now, shout out to Party City for stocking up!

Lastly, this is a bumpy road, a roller coaster, an insert-fun-metaphor-here. It is always worth it. Sometimes I call them all into the room so I can shout “FAMILY HUG!” and have all my people in my arms at the same time. Hang in there, newlyweds, first-big-argument-couple, seven-year-lull-couple. And try not to be too smug if you’ve had the easy road 😉 Love you all!