About Amanda

Hi! I’m Amanda, Austin wedding photographer extraordinaire!  I didn’t start out here.  I used to be an English major, a writer.  I love telling stories with the written word, but I really found my footing with storytelling when I started documenting with images.  I have always been in love with street photography, and I have used that photojournalist touch as I’ve documented weddings over the past eight years.

Things I love:

Photography – I know, it seems like a given, but I REALLY love it, and I carry a camera everywhere…much to the chagrin of my poor husband who just wanted to grab lunch or go to the post office.

Coffee – Drink it every day. It’s like my personality in a cup.

Traveling – Anywhere, everywhere.

Books – I read every day, and for the most part I read two books simultaneously rather than finishing one before I move on to the next.

People I love:

My babies! – Ok, they’re not exactly babies anymore, but they’re still tiny with lots of hair, like adorable little dandelions.

The husband/CIO – Someone has to put up with me!

My family – It’s big (23 aunts and uncles, 21 first cousins + tons more)

My friends – Some have been with me since childhood, some I’ve picked up along the way, and they are my extended family.

I create authentic wedding photographs full of emotion. Real hugs, real tears, real laughter. Yes, we’re going to get creative, too! I will provide you with an amazing visual wedding story.

I’m fortunate that my clients come back to let me keep telling their story with fun maternity sessions, sweet newborn sessions and playful family sessions.  My wedding style is often described as fun, romantic, and imaginative.  A lot of my clients have stayed in my life and joined my circle of friends.  Watch out, fun and photos are addictive!

My work has been published on J. Crew, Style Me Pretty, The Knot, Borrowed and Blue and Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses. I’ve photographed weddings as far away as Alberta, Canada, and I don’t want to stop there!

I’m based out of Austin, Texas, and ready to travel worldwide. I give excellent travel deals to the folks in and around Houston and Dallas.

I hope you’ll contact me and let me tell your story!


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