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Hi! I’m Amanda, an Austin, Texas based wedding photographer! I want to document your life, your love, your milestones that everyone in your world reflects back on for the rest of your days. I am over the moon in love with my handsome fiance, Simon, my smart and adorable babies. I will photograph your life and your loves the way I photograph and cherish mine! Along the way we'll talk about life, espresso, fitness, how much I adore Texas, and a really good dress with pockets.


We are creating this story together! This story tells the conclusion of your separate lives, the closing of that chapter, and the beginning of something new and amazing! Your new married life together is a day worth celebrating, and if it’s worth celebrating then it’s worth remembering forever. From the preparation in pajamas to the donning of the most beautiful dresses and suits, the vows, the cheers, the dancing, the support and love of those closest to you. Let’s do it! 

But why should you share your day with me? I adore romance, playful moments, keeping in the spirit of your wedding day so that we focus on the experience of it, not just the images. What good are beautiful pictures if the moment itself wasn’t magical? We can have both!

Every wedding photographer has their own approach, their own life that has been crafted and hones their view of the world. Let me tell you a few things about the life I’ve created that help me be a better wedding photographer. 

I’m in love (and engaged!). Having a partner in your life that makes every day brighter, every moment, big and small, better because they’re with you, having someone you never want another day to dawn without, someone you want a million memories and just as many photographs with to remember it, that helps focus how I capture your day. I will treat your love story as if it were my own, and I will endeavor to give you every moment I would want captured for myself.

I’m a parent. Ask any parent, they’ll probably tell you the same: when you become a parent you start to see not only through the couples’ eyes but also through the parents’ and the grandparents’ eyes. The bittersweetness of all the amazing things that are happening. The memories of what’s been and the joy of knowing where they’re headed. Every feeling that’s flooding in for them. I take more candids year after year. Constantly looking for the slightest look or touch. The fleeting moments. The happy reunions, the fierce hugs that may mean the most to someone. 

I’m going strong on thirteen years of photographing people marry the love of their life!


Things I love:

Photography – I know, it seems like a given, but I REALLY love it, and I carry a camera of some shape and size everywhere. Might be an iPhone, my little mirrorless, an Instax, and it might be my big cahuna. 

Espresso – Drink it every day. It’s like my personality in a cup, all energy and happiness! My love even got me a rechargeable grinder and hand pump espresso maker for our adventure sessions, even though he isn’t a coffee drinker. He gets me! 

Traveling – Anywhere, everywhere. I definitely have a list of places I still want to cross off my wish list so inquire if you’re up for an adventure, they come with perks! I’ve been lucky enough to travel across the entire continent for many weddings. If your wedding involves travel then drop into my inbox now. Right now. Or text me. Go, do it! 512-663-8202

Working out – If you have had the (mis)fortune of stumbling across my Insta stories then you know I try to get in a good workout. Good for clearing my head and getting out of the editing chair!

Journals – Big leather bound ones full of ramblings that nobody will ever read. 

People I love:

My little family with the best guy in the world and 2 precious babies – They make my world go round. They’re my happy, my every waking thought. They’re my belly laughs, my worried moments, and responsible for my heart bursting at the seams with joy! Simon is my biggest supporter, the love of my life, and the best partner I could possibly imagine for me. Allie Cat and Anthony Warren are my sunshine, my mini-mes, my little sidekicks. They keep me on my toes, and together all 4 of us are the luckiest to have each other! 

My big extended family – It’s loud and large (23 aunts and uncles, 21 first cousins + tons more)

My friends – Some have been with me since childhood, some I’ve picked up along the way. Some even started out as my brides! We’ve seen each other through tons of life’s ups and downs.

I create authentic wedding photographs full of emotion. Real hugs, real tears, real laughter, that’s what I want to see. Yes, we’re going to get creative, too! I will give you a fantastic visual representation of your wedding story to help you remember every happy moment!

I’m fortunate that my clients come back to let me keep telling their story with fun maternity sessions, sweet newborn sessions and playful family sessions.  My wedding style is often described as fun, romantic, and imaginative.  My colors are true to life with a little vibrant punch (like my tiny fists!). A lot of my clients have stayed in my life and joined my circle of friends.  Welcome!

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I’m based out of Austin, Texas, and ready to travel worldwide. I give excellent travel deals to the folks in and around Houston and Dallas. I hope you’ll contact me and let me tell your story!

I offer day-in-the-life half and full day sessions as well as lifestyle family sessions. You can invite me in for play time, juicing with kids, baking cookies with Grandma, splashing in the bath. We can document your every day activities beautifully. 

My work has been published in J. Crew, Style Me Pretty, The Knot, Brides of Austin, Borrowed and Blue, Voyage Houston, and Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses. I’ve photographed weddings as far away as Alberta, Canada, and Riviera Maya, Mexico. I don’t want to stop there, let’s talk about where you want to get married!