This newborn session is for my own sweet little girl. Welcome to the world, Alexandra.

Allie Newborn2-0007

Allie Newborn2-0008

Allie Newborn1-0011

Allie Newborn1-0001

Allie Newborn1-0002

Allie Newborn1-0003

Allie Newborn1-0004

Allie Newborn1-0005

Allie Newborn1-0006

Allie Newborn1-0007

Allie Newborn1-0008

Allie Newborn2-0002

Allie Newborn2-0003

Allie Newborn2-0004

Allie Newborn2-0005

Allie Newborn2-0006

Allie Newborn2-0009

Allie Newborn2-0010

Allie Newborn2-0001

And a little after-session time to photograph her room.

Allie's Room-0001

Allie's Room-0002

Allie's Room-0003

Allie Newborn-0012

Allie Newborn-0013

Allie Newborn-0014

Allie Newborn-0015

Allie Newborn-0016


So beautiful! And holy mole, look at all that hair! 🙂

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