It’s a great compliment to be asked to photograph another photographer. This is my friend/colleague/partner-in-brunch, Amber!

Amber Vickery-0001

Amber Vickery-0002

Amber Vickery-0003

Amber Vickery-0004

Amber Vickery-0005

Amber Vickery-0006

Amber Vickery-0009

Amber Vickery-0010

Amber Vickery-0011

Amber Vickery-0012

Amber Vickery-0013

Amber Vickery-0014

Amber Vickery-0015

Amber Vickery-0016

Amber Vickery-0017

Amber Vickery-0018

As always, it was fun, darlin’!