Twins! I’m pretty sure twins rank amongst the roughest welcomes to parenthood. Twice the feedings, twice the crying, twice the dirty diapers. But oh my goodness, twice the precious smiles, twice the little baby coos, and twice the soft baby snuggles! When I first met Ronnie she was inquiring for maternity and lifestyle newborn photography. She was more active and looked much happier than I did toward the end of my pregnancies, and I was only carrying one at a time! We managed to squeak in a maternity session before these cuties came, and then it was on to the big birth day. She’s a trooper, and I know having these babies was a true labor of love!

On the day of the session I got a tiny glimpse into their world. I’m sure time is flying by with all the love and all the fun they’re having, and these girls are much bigger already! I can’t wait for their next session to see all of the new things they can do!

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Austin Lifestyle Newborn Photography. It’s still a relatively new genre to do lifestyle photography over the more traditional posed baby pictures. Both are beautiful, both give you precious memories. Lifestyle newborn photography speaks more to me, and it’s the way I document my own family. We get together for posed pictures once or twice a year, but I try to photograph them every day. These photos reflect how they live their lives, how they loved and played every day, and it might bring them the fondest memories down the road to get a real visual of the beauty in the ‘every day’. Not everyone is a photographer, but most people have access to a camera of some sort, even if it’s on the phone. Document those fleeting moments, whether they’re blurry or a little dark. Then come see me when you’re ready to put that every day beauty into art. It’s all important.

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