Meet the sweetest little Miss Avery Taylor and see how happy she was during her Austin lifestyle newborn session! I first met her parents during a family portrait session a couple years ago. All of the “kids” at the session were adults, and they were having an updated family portrait made that included their parents. Everyone showed up on a cold December morning. We had a great time chatting and photographing along Lady Bird Lake.

Flash forward to this year. Suzanne contacted me to say that she and her husband (who are photography enthusiasts, one of the pups is even named Leica!) are expecting a baby girl this summer. I am thrilled they thought of me! It’s great to catch up with them, see their new house, and to see them be PARENTS! There has been no bigger change in my own life than becoming a mother, and it’s really neat to see other people make this transition.

I think the most excited ones for the session was the puppies! They were constantly hopping on the bed, sniffing the baby on the quilt, check on her in her crib, jumping on the dresser to get a better look at her. They were visibly distressed when they couldn’t get near her. Avery couldn’t have asked for better companions to have at home with the family! And while e’re here, let’s talk about her cute room. The beautiful light, check. Brightly colored quilt, check. And if you look closely at the shelves you’ll even see baby Star Wars books! If I ever have another kiddo (a long shot), I’ll be asking Suzanne and Dan to come in and help me add some flare to the room!

family cuddling on the bed with baby dog with family in the background baby laying on a bed close up of newborn sleeping newborn baby in a crib close up of baby through crib bars puppy looking at baby dog jumping up to see baby dogs sniffing baby on a quilt baby next to a quilt Austin Lifestyle Newborn Session mom holding newborn mom making faces at newborn Dad holding newborn daughter baby holding dad's finger close up of baby's feet mom and dad cuddling baby dad kissing baby girl

This might be my favorite Austin lifestyle newborn session. Can we have good light, sweet pups and fun quilts at every session?!

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