I was tickled when this girl’s sweet mama emailed me to tell me she was having another daughter and asked if I would photograph the Austin newborn session with baby Hazel. (As if there was ever a question!) I photographed big sister Charlotte a few years ago when she came along (right before my own daughter entered the world), and it was heart warming to see tiny Charlotte become a big sister and love on her new little Hazel. It was an honor to come back and spend this amazing and fleeting time with the family. (Side note: These girls couldn’t ask for more loving and talented parents. Melanie even made my logo for me when I revamped my website, she has a great eye.)

On to baby Hazel’s big premiere! We used the same blanket from her big sister’s session, and while there were some similarities to the girls, they are oh so different! Hazel was relaxed and slept through the biggest part of her session while Charlotte had calmly watched hers, taking everything in as the world went on around her. Hazel even managed to lay carefree right next to her active, loving, acrobatic big sister! So many sweet moments between these two girls. I adore newborn sessions, from the cuddles to the baby yawns to the teeny tiny little hand gripping mom’s finger. Who can resist all of this cuteness when it’s wrapped up in such a perfect little package?!

Austin Newborn Session with Baby Hazel Austin Newborn Session with Baby Hazel close up of baby's eyelashes newborn yawning mom holding baby's fingers mom cuddling newborn mom smiling with newborn family cuddling with newborn big sister touching baby's nose Austin Newborn Session with Baby Hazel big sister smiling big sister cuddling newborn Austin Newborn Session with Baby Hazel big sister kissing little sister big sister cuddling newborn sister big sister holding little sister's hand Austin Newborn Session with Baby Hazel parents holding newborn parents holding two daughters parents holding baby from above big sister cuddling baby close up of hands on newborn baby big sister pointing big sister playing in the crib close up of newborn stretching close up of newborn yawning

I still can’t believe Charlotte is a big sister even though I’ve seen it with my own eyes! Charlotte is the same age as my baby girl, how could she possibly be the oldest sibling in her house?! [Excuses self to wipe the dust out of my eye.]


Austin newborn session with baby Hazel brought to you by the Crabb family (and me)!


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