It’s pretty customary in January to look back on all the things from last year and make resolutions to help you have a happier/better/more successful life in the new year. I prefer to take the time to stop and look back at all the things I got right from last year.

Here are some of my favorite engagement images from 2012!

Ali Rich Austin Engagement

Ali Rich Austin Engagement-0001

Ali and Rich Austin Engagement-0003

Ali and Rich Austin Engagement-0004

Ali and Rich Austin Engagement-0006

Ali and Rich Austin Engagement-0007

Ali and Rich Austin Engagement-0008

April and Tim Austin Engagement-0001

April and Tim Austin Engagement-0002

April and Tim Austin Engagement-0003

April and Tim Austin Engagement-0004

April and Tim Austin Engagement-0005

Chelsea and Chris Austin Engagement-0001

Chelsea and Chris Austin Engagement-0002

Chelsea and Chris Austin Engagement-0003

Chelsea and Chris Austin Engagement-0004

Chelsea and Chris Austin Engagement-0005

Chelsea and Chris Austin Engagement-0006

Chelsea and Chris Austin Engagement-0007

Jessica and Cole Austin Engagement-0001

Jessica and Cole Austin Engagement-0002

Jessica and Cole Austin Engagement-0003

Jessica and Cole Austin Engagement-0004

Jessica and Cole Austin Engagement-0005

Jessica and Cole Austin Engagement-0006

Jessica and Cole Austin Engagement-0007

Jessica and Eric Austin Engagement-0001

Jessica and Eric Austin Engagement-0002

Jessica and Eric Austin Engagement-0003

Jessica and Eric Austin Engagement-0004

Jessica and Eric Austin Engagement-0005

Lauren and Steve Marble Falls Engagement-0001

Lauren and Steve Marble Falls Engagement-0002

Lauren and Steve Marble Falls Engagement-0003

Lauren and Steve Marble Falls Engagement-0004

Lauren and Steve Marble Falls Engagement-0005

Lauren and Steve Marble Falls Engagement-0006

Lauren and Steve Marble Falls Engagement-0007

Lisa and Dawson Austin Engagement-0001

Lisa and Dawson Austin Engagement-0002

Lisa and Dawson Austin Engagement-0003

Lisa and Dawson Austin Engagement-0004

Lisa and Dawson Austin Engagement-0005

Lisa and Dawson Austin Engagement-0006

Lisa and Dawson Austin Engagement-0007

Lisa and Dawson Austin Engagement-0008

Lisa and Dawson Austin Engagement-0009

Lisa and Dawson Austin Engagement-0010

Lisa and Dawson Austin Engagement-0011

Lisa and Dawson Austin Engagement-0012

Lisa and Dawson Austin Engagement-0013

Megan Bryan Austin Engagement-0001

Megan Bryan Austin Engagement-0002

Megan Bryan Austin Engagement-0003

Megan Bryan Austin Engagement-0004

Megan Bryan Austin Engagement-0005

Mei Lene Ivan Austin Engagement-0001

Mei Lene Ivan Austin Engagement-0002

Mei Lene Ivan Austin Engagement-0003

Mei Lene Ivan Austin Engagement-0004

Mei Lene Ivan Austin Engagement-0005

Mei Lene Ivan Austin Engagement-0006

(The onesie says: Mami, Will you marry my Dad?” – Adorable!)
Sthefany and Nick Austin Engagement-0001

Sthefany and Nick Austin Engagement-0002

Sthefany and Nick Austin Engagement-0003

Sthefany and Nick Austin Engagement-0004

Sthefany and Nick Austin Engagement-0005

Sthefany and Nick Austin Engagement-0006

Taylor Garrett Gruene Engagement-0001

Taylor Garrett Gruene Engagement-0002

Taylor Garrett Gruene Engagement-0003

Taylor Garrett Gruene Engagement-0004

Taylor Garrett Gruene Engagement-0005

Taylor Garrett Gruene Engagement-0006

Taylor Garrett Gruene Engagement-0007

To all my wonderful couples featured above, you came from multiple cities and other states to Austin for engagement photographs. You look fabulous in this city!