Amy and Phil had a beautiful day after session on the Austin Boardwalk! Their wedding was in November, and a few days before hand we realized that the weather would not be in our favor. A cold front came through, rain came pouring down. Fortunately the Sheraton had a great back up plan ready, and they got married perfectly warm and dry inside the hotel. But the sunny pictures on Waller Creek were not in the cards for that day. As Amy and Phil praised their wedding pictures I was simultaneously thrilled they were happy (it was a wonderful wedding!), and I was also bummed they didn’t get everything they wanted. I asked them if they’d like to get back into their wedding clothes and give it another shot on a warm, sunny day. They quickly agreed!

We started at Waller Creek next to the Sheraton where we would have been shooting on the wedding day. Since we had more time to ourselves, we decided to add in the Boardwalk to get some Austin vibes and change up the scenery a bit. I’m thrilled they wanted to get back together! I got to catch up on their lives (they are fierce runners, and I love hearing about Amy’s work as a pediatric occupational therapist), and we got to make the beautiful, sunny pictures we planned on for months!

Day After Session on Waller Creek Bride and Groom on Waller Creek Day After Session on Waller Creek Bride and Groom hugging during day after session bride and groom crossing waller creek bride and groom hugging on bridge over waller creek waller creek perspective of bride and groom bride and groom looking at austin skyline bride and groom walking on austin boardwalk bride and groom on austin boardwalk bride and groom under interstate during day after session bride and groom on austin boardwalk groom leaning on austin boardwalk bride leaning on austin boardwalk day after session on austin boardwalk bride and groom hugging on austin boardwalk Austin Skyline on the boardwalk with bride and groom

I am fortunate as an Austin wedding photographer to not see a ton of bad weather. Yes, it gets really hot during the summer, but our winters are short and rain isn’t usually an issue. If you do get hit with some crazy weather on your wedding day, I encourage you to put the dress and the suit back on and go for it again! Ok, don’t go for the whole wedding again, but make those beautiful wedding portraits you dreamed of for so long! The ones you want to hang on the wall, the ones you want as double page spreads in an album. Come back for a day after session. Do it.

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