It’s exciting for me to be featured for the 3rd time this spring, but it was even more exciting to be part of this couple’s wedding. When they first called me they were planning a big affair in their rural home town. It seemed like everybody they knew would be there! As time went by they decided that what their hearts really yearned for was a more intimate ceremony, and the only thing they were keeping from their original wedding plan was me (yay!).

They drove into Austin to discuss the plan, and they told me everything they wanted for their Austin elopement at Vista West Ranch. We talked about Micah’s love for Tom’s, his time as a ballerino, and coffee (they met working as baristas!). Dianna showed me their tattoos written in each other’s hand writing on their wrists. They had stars in their eyes the whole time. I feel so fortunate to have been there when they committed their lives to each other in front of their family!

You can see their feature and read more about their story on The Knot:

Venue: Vista West Ranch

Florist: Petal Pushers

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