Let’s talk image delivery.

Oh. My. Goodness.

Yes, that was meant to be dramatic. I need to convey the sheer joy and excitement I felt when Elijah of Second Chance Custom handed me the first box. The first box was his favorite; of course he has a favorite. Each one is handmade, unique, different. He made other things that live in my home, including my book cases in my office. On delivery we both instantly picked our favorite book case and then our favorite individual piece of wood (those were made of reclaimed wood). He cares about a lot of the same things I do, including wood and a personal touch. I want my couples to open these walnut beauties and feel as special and unique as the boxes and the memories they contain of the beginning of their married lives together.

Image Delivery Wooden Boxes Image Delivery Wooden Boxes by Second Chance Custom Image Delivery Wooden Boxes by Second Chance Custom

I picked the flowers up from the new location of Visual Lyrics Floral Artistry, so happy they moved to my town and in adorable house right on the main road. I was previously planning to scoop up a few wildflowers on my way home, but I noticed their sign and had to drop in on them. Great decision! They walked me through some options, and I opted for these little purple sweeties. I did add the greenery from one of my crazy bushes in the front yard (the rain has everything growing wild!). Everything was blowing around, but that did not stop my excitement! I simultaneously want to keep them all to myself and give them all away so everyone can see how beautiful they are for image delivery! One more huge thank you to Elijah for creating a bit of magic and putting so much of himself into every single piece he creates. If you’re ever in need of a carpenter, an artist, he’s your guy.

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