When I get my own family sessions done, this lady is always part of them. This Leander family session is for my hair and make up goddess, Angela (and her adorable family). I met Angela 5.5 years ago while looking for a HMU artist to help me with my maternity session. We are now spending our lives being inseparable, living in the same neighborhood, working on the same weddings. We use the worst fake accents, specializing in twang and something close to Staten Island-esque. In no particular order, we work out, we eat all the things, we love our kids to pieces, we Bunco. Okay, we hardly Bunco, it’s a glorified social excuse. 

You have seen Angela’s work here on Jen, Haley, Sophia, and so many more. You can find Angela at:

I also do my regular cut and color at her place, and since we’re real-life friends that means occasionally Mister Anderson (as I like to call him) comes in and plays assistant for us. He’s the littlest bit in the family, but boy does he have some spunk! Most recently he has offered me tips on some new lipstick shades. He might be following in the family business after all. 

Check out all the Parker family goodness and note my single most favorite family run-and-hug sequence! I taught my own kids to yell “FAMILY HUG!” and have all 4 of us wrap up as tight as we can together and just hold on for dear life. When you get the right family then it’s time to pass on the tradition.

Leander Family Session Family walking during photo session close up of youngest kid Leander Family Session just mom and dad parents hugging family tickle fight Leander Family Session Leander Family Session Leander Family Session kids walking on a trail Leander Family Session Leander Family Session Leander Family Session girl running to hug her family Leander Family Session family hugs Leander Family Session Leander Family Session Leander Family Session silhouette of family of five three kids hugging austin hair and make up artist austin HMUA Leander Family Session Leander Family Session

She’s going to murder me when she sees all the photos I put up of her by herself, but it’s totally worth it because I love her. And I have Ring so I’ll be able to see her coming.

Leander Family Session 

Thank you for a fun Leander family session, Parkers!

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