Ariel and I talked about doing their Cullen Sculpture Garden engagement for weeks and weeks. We traded favorite images, talked about what she and Robert wanted, the creative aspects they enjoyed. (Oh, and Ariel is a creative as well, she’s a talented interior designer!) Pretty much every time we discussed the day it was with a vision of a sunny session, well placed sun flare, direct light usage, anything to play with the light.

Enter the rainiest spring I can remember.

We canceled the first time for rain. Second go round it looked like it might rain, but they wanted to try anyway so I drove in with my fingers crossed. It was sunny right up until I crossed the line into the city. Darkness. Thunder and lightning. I called Ariel asking if they wanted to try an indoor location, grab umbrellas and go for it anyway once the lightning stops? I love their perseverance, they opted to go for it! They rocked their session partly with an umbrella, sometimes just standing in the rain getting wet, making moments happen anyway. I’m still not sure how I balanced holding the umbrella, composing the shots, and changing lenses without everything being soaked. But focusing on these two, how much they love each other; I can’t wait for their wedding this fall!

They will be marrying at the Houston Historic Heights Fire Station, and they chose that venue as well as the sculpture garden because they love their neighborhood. When we first talking Ariel frequently mentioned how they spend their weekends biking or walking through the neighborhood, attending farmer’s markets. They were adamant about starting this next chapter of their journey in the place they live and love!

Cullen Sculpture Garden Engagement Couple cuddling under umbrella couple walking under umbrella Cullen Sculpture Garden Engagement close up of couple holding hands couple kissing under magnolia tree Cullen Sculpture Garden Engagement couple cuddling on bench Cullen Sculpture Garden Engagement couple cuddling at art museum reflection of couple holding hands Cullen Sculpture Garden Engagement couple kissing out of focus couple standing in sculpture garden groom picking up bride close up of couple cuddling bride's head on groom's shoulder couple holding hands and looking at each other

Cullen Sculpture Garden engagement, part of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Houston Historic Heights Fire Station weddings: Kristina and Pat , Meredith and Philip

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