Brian and Lisa’s sweet surprise proposal at Hyatt Lost Pines! *sigh* First of all, there is a giant smile on my face the entire time this proposal is happening! There may have even been a tear at the corner of my eye. Let’s back up a little though! I love picking up the phone to a new number then hearing an enthusiastic/nervous partner tell me they’d like me to photograph their proposal. I start off by asking easy questions like how long they’ve been together and if the proposal place is personal.

When all of the emotional part is out on the table we start talking about details. Brian is a laid back guy in this respect. He gave me the general area of Lost Pines he’d like to use, and he was leaving the rest up to fate (much to the anxiety of some of the staff and me!). I’m wandering around the amphitheater area on proposal afternoon, looking at the dark clouds in the sky. I tell the rain to hold off (it listens), and then I start to ponder. Will he propose at the top by the chairs? Will he take her down the path and propose at the bottom where I have nowhere to hide?

Brian didn’t leave us in suspense for long! When the couple walked over he quickly pulled out the ring and asked the all important question. Her reaction says everything.

Surprise Proposal at Hyatt Lost Pines Champagne and Macaroons close up of styled macaroons close up of champagne Surprise Proposal at Hyatt Lost Pines Proposing to girlfriendAustin surprise proposal Newly engaged couple hugging new fiancee looking at her ring bride and groom popping champagne newly engaged couple popping champagne newly engaged couple kissing couple making a toast Surprise Proposal at Hyatt Lost Pines Bride and Groom tender moment bride and groom emotional moment bride and groom hugging fiancee crying Surprise Proposal at Hyatt Lost Pines Newly Engaged Couple close up of the bride's ring bride and groom in rocking chairs

Finally, a little bow for the creative team!

Venue: Hyatt Lost Pines

Thank you to incredible staff members Ashley and Kristin for coordinating and making sure everything was perfect for Brian and Lisa’s big moment from the prosecco to the macaroons to the exact placement of the rocking chairs for a great view! Kristin engaged as my decoy as well, rocking the nonchalant look.

Florals: Brenda Abbott Floral Design – Brenda, as always, the flowers were beautiful. I liked the feathers and perfect fall colors!

Congratulations, Lisa and Brian, on your surprise proposal at Hyatt Lost Pines!


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