I get asked a lot what my favorite wedding photography tool is. There are considerable fights for second place, but number one is unchallenged. Of course it’s hard to obtain this coveted spot without an adequate amount of time to get to know one another. Strengths and weaknesses have to be identified. In this case I fell in love immediately but didn’t realize I was ready for a real commitment until over a year later. My first Canon 5D Mark IV is about a year and a half old. (Last week, I purchased a second.) Initially I notice the differences most, things that change my muscle memory. Secondly, I notice all the new and fun things I have at my disposal. Let’s talk about a couple of those! 

  1. Touch screen. If you haven’t worked with a touch screen it might not seem like that big of a deal. I’m 5 feet tall, and I photographed a lot of my recent Big Sur elopement from down a hill. To level the playing field a bit I’m able to hold the camera above my head, touch the part of the screen where I want it to focus, and instantly fire off the shutter. Conversely I can bring up the AF points, toggle through the one I want, select, fire. Guess which one takes longer. 
  2. Low light capabilities. Usually this brings to mind sparklers because I prefer to do them with ambient light. In this situation we are running around like crazy trying to find the minister, then we find the minister but not the groom because he’d gone to look for him. When all four of us are finally together the sun is getting low, and those gorgeous trees are blocking out so much light. I’m not worried for a minute because this beast is going to be just fine.

Canon 5D Mark IV Wedding Photography Tool Wedding Photography Tool Big Sur Elopement

I’m always happy to talk about my favorite wedding photography tool! For more wedding talk, leave a comment below.

If you’d like to pick up your own work horse:

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Lastly, thank you to Summer and Ryan for being amazing and trusting me with their day. I can’t wait to share everything soon!

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