Do the two people in this cotton field engagement session look familiar? You may have already seen them in the snowy mountains, standing on a glacier with me in a big white dress and tuxedo! Let’s back up to this engagement session that I’m posting. We took these last September, and in a short 5-6 weeks it will already be a year. I can’t believe the time has flown by so quickly! As most people can attest, September starts the holiday slide, and it’s hard to hang on until January when things start to calm down again. Not only is fall/winter a huge wedding season, it’s full of family holidays, both of my kids’ birthdays, this fantastic couple’s wedding, and more! I intended to publish these before their Lake Louise pictures came out and stole the show, but I was off again to Oregon before I could catch my breath. (Note to self: show all of you the Oregon photos!)

When I talked to Samantha and Tyler about what kind of engagement session they wanted, there was never any hesitation. They had already decided to have the wedding in a place important to the bride, the engagement location would be chosen by the groom. During summers growing up Tyler would help his grandfather on this farm, pick the cotton right along side him. He had so many childhood memories tied into this piece of land that he couldn’t imagine starting the next chapter in his life anywhere else.

Are you still with me? This session was last September. We were standing on a glacier with them as husband and wife in December. What could we possibly do this year to top it? Well…these two are already expecting a BABY! (One which we’re all pretty sure was conceived north of the border sparking some fun baby name suggestions and a moose themed nursery!) We recently finished up Samantha’s gorgeous maternity session, and I promise not to wait a year before sharing it with you!

cotton field engagement session Cotton Field Engagement Session-0011 cotton field engagement session boyfriend kisses girlfriend in cotton field couple walking through cotton field couple standing on dirt road cotton field engagement session close up of couple in cotton field couple walking in cotton field couple kissing in cotton field ring on cotton flower couple standing by a barn groom kissing bride by barn bride kicking leg up at engagement session bride laughing at engagement session

Cotton field engagement session location is near Houston, Texas.

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