Scott called me on the week of Valentine’s Day and told me he planned to propose to his beautiful girlfriend, and he asked me if I could photograph it. My first thought when I get asked this question is, “OF COURSE! Who would turn down this amazing moment?!”, and then I checked my calendar for the busy weekend and wondered when I would fit it in since he wanted to propose on days I was booked. I noticed he didn’t ask me about Valentine’s Day and silently wondered if there was a reason for that, but I mentioned it anyway. He said he didn’t think I would want to work on Valentine’s Day but that he would absolutely accept. I was thrilled! Last year I photographed a surprise proposal AND an elopement on Valentine’s Day, and I was happy to go all out celebrating love once again!

Scott and I kept in touch, he even managed to text me several times on proposal day and climb to the top of the 360 lookout to speak to me before Heather arrived at the top. (I may or may not have staked out the territory for over 30 minutes and gently guided away some other tourists that were hanging around in the spot I wanted for them! “Yes, I’ll take your picture with your iPhone, then we’ll just have you step right over here…”) When everything was said and done, Heather’s reaction was priceless. Her tears and joy, the puppy running around in the background, that view, everything was perfect! Need further evidence Scott is awesome? He brought a third glass for me so we could toast their engagement together!

Once they were able to take it all in they turned it around and proposed to me, too! Looking forward to photographing their wedding this summer as they take their first steps as husband and wife! (Please bring the puppy to the wedding, guys!)

Boat going under 360 BridgeCouple on the 360 LookoutCouple snuggling at 360 bridgeMan Proposing at 360 BridgeMan Proposing at 360 BridgeWoman accepting proposalWoman accepting proposal at 360 bridgeguy preparing prosecco at 360 bridgecouple celebrating engagement at 360 bridgeengaged couple posing at 360 bridgecouple with their dog at 360 bridgecouple with their dog at 360 bridgeengaged couple standing near 360 bridgeengaged couple standing near 360 bridgeengaged couple standing near 360 bridgecouple snuggling dog near 360 bridge in austincouple snuggling dog near 360 bridge in austinnewly engaged couple near 360 bridgenewly engaged couple near 360 bridgeengaged couple standing next to the water at 360 bridgeengaged couple dancing next to the water at 360 bridgeclose up of engaged couple near waterengaged couple snuggling near water with dog in austinengaged couple piggy back rideengaged couple piggy back rideengaged couple piggy back rideengaged couple snuggling dog


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